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 Salad Bar


Joyful Banana Breeze

Fresh & frozen chunks of both Strawberries and Bananas are blended in 1/2 cup of home squeezed Orange Juice. We add a table spoon of non-fat Greek Yogurt or frozen cubes of Almond Milk, your choice.


Gentle Green Detox

This blend is made up of Fresh Green Apples, Frozen chunks of Mangos and fresh Spinach! Blended neatly in silky non-dairy Almond Milk with a table spoon of Non-fat Yogurt, for an extra smooth texture. 

Create Your Own Salad

This sweet blend is made up of fresh and Frozen chunks of Strawberries, Raspberries, & Blueberries. Blended in Cranberry Juice. We add a tiny table spoon of non-fat Yogurt for silky texture. 

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