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Revitalize Your Body & Spirit: A 7-Day Natural Smoothies Fast for Spiritual Detox and Awakening

Updated: Jun 21

In the quest for holistic well-being, aligning the body and spirit is essential. If you're seeking a transformative experience that not only detoxes your body but also brings you closer to your spiritual self, and God, a 7-day all natural smoothies fast may be the answer you're looking for. This journey is not just about cleansing physically; it's about creating a sacred space within to connect with your inner self and draw closer to a higher power.

Liquid fresh fruits and veggies for a Vitajug fast

First, what is fasting

and why is it important?

Fasting holds a unique place in both spiritual and health journeys, seamlessly intertwining the realms of the physical and the metaphysical. On a spiritual level, fasting has been a practice observed across various cultures and religions for centuries. It serves as a means of self-discipline, allowing individuals to detach from worldly distractions and draw closer to a higher power, aka God. The act of abstaining from food becomes a symbol of purification, creating a sacred space for introspection and heightened spiritual awareness.

Simultaneously, fasting plays a pivotal role in promoting physical health. The body undergoes a process of detoxification during a fast, eliminating accumulated toxins and promoting cellular repair. This physiological renewal is complemented by a mental clarity that often accompanies fasting, providing a holistic rejuvenation of both mind and body. The shared principle between spiritual and health journeys lies in the notion of cleansing – whether it be the purification of the soul or the detoxification of the body, fasting serves as a powerful catalyst for transformative experiences that bridge the gap between the tangible and the transcendent.

What to Expect:

Embarking on a 7-day natural smoothies fast is not just a journey for your physical well-being; it's a profound opportunity to deepen your spiritual connection and draw closer to God. Imagine seven days dedicated to nourishing your body with vibrant, nutrient-packed smoothies while creating a sacred space for introspection and spiritual growth. This transformative experience goes beyond the realms of a traditional cleanse – it's an invitation to align your mind, body, and spirit. As you sip on these delicious concoctions of nature's goodness, you're not just detoxing; you're opening a pathway to divine clarity and renewal. Join us on this holistic adventure, where the fusion of health and spirituality creates a harmonious symphony that resonates within, bringing you closer to the essence of both your physical and spiritual existence. Let this 7-day journey be a catalyst for a healthier, more connected, and spiritually vibrant version of yourself.

Are you ready to nourish your body and soul?

Join us on this transformative path to wellness and spiritual awakening.

fruits and veggies for a VitaJug Smoothies fast

Day 1: Genesis Green Glory

Start your 7-day natural smoothie fast with a Genesis Green Glory smoothie. Blend spinach, kale, green apple, cucumber, and a sprinkle of chia seeds. Begin your day with a prayer of gratitude, reflecting on the beauty of creation and the nourishment provided by this green abundance.

Tip: You should have this smoothie 1-3 times on day 1

Day 2: Psalms Berry Blessing

Craft a Psalms Berry Blessing smoothie by blending mixed berries, banana, and a touch of raw honey. As you savor this sweet and tangy delight, spend time meditating on Psalms, finding solace and inspiration in the verses that speak to your heart.

Tip: You should have this smoothie 1-3 times on day 2

Day 3: Proverbs Wisdom Elixir

Create a Proverbs Wisdom blend of oranges, pineapples, mangos, and a splash of coconut water. Reflect on the wisdom found in the Book of Proverbs, seeking guidance and understanding as you sip on this refreshing concoction.

Tip: You should have this smoothie 1-3 times on day 3

Day 4: Daniel's Detox Fusion

Follow in the footsteps of Daniel with a Daniel's Detox Fusion smoothie. Combine pineapples, cucumber, mint, lime juice, and a hint of ginger. Daniel's commitment to a plant-based diet is a source of inspiration as you focus on both physical and spiritual detoxification.

Tip: You should have this smoothie 1-3 times on day 4

Day 5: Sermon on the Mount

A citrus symphony smoothie using kiwi, oranges, and a handful of berries. Sip on this symphony of flavors while reflecting on the teachings of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount, finding spiritual nourishment and strength in His words.

Tip: You should have this smoothie 1-3 times on day 5

Day 6: Revelation Revitalization

Prepare a Revelation Revitalization smoothie by blending pomegranate, blueberries, and a banana. Spend time in contemplation of the revelations found in the Bible, seeking a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey.

Tip: You should have this smoothie 1-3 times on day 6

Day 7: Spiritual Sunset Sip

As you approach the culmination of your 7-day natural smoothie fast, create a Spiritual Sunset Sip with a blend of your favorite fruits and veggies. Sit in quiet reflection, expressing gratitude for the insights gained and the spiritual closeness achieved during this transformative journey.

Tip: You should have this smoothie 1-3 times on day 7


Throughout the week, supplement your natural smoothie fast with prayer, meditation, and moments of silence. Use this time to connect with the divine, seeking a closer relationship with God through both the nourishment of your body and the exploration of biblical teachings. May this 7-day journey be a path to spiritual awakening, health, and a renewed connection with your faith!

Follow us on socials and come along with us as we partake on this healthy, spiritual journey with you! Cheers to a healthier, happier you and a victorious week <3

"I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." (John 6:35)


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